Our pilots have been extensively trained to deal with the harsh environmental challenges that are prevalent in the North West region of Australia.

The Company employs a strict pilot hiring policy by implementing an exacting series of assessment and evaluation criteria to ensure that its pilots will meet our company’s safety standards.

BAS currently employs 28 Pilots who are more experienced than any other air charter operator in the Kimberley region.

All of BAS’s pilots hold a minimum of an Australian Commercial Pilot Licence, Command Instrument Rating and have undergone extensive in-house training to ensure you get to your destination safely.

The Company provides full induction programs as well as ongoing strict testing programs which exceed the minimum standards as set out by the Civil Aviation Authority of Australia (CASA).


“pilot training is paramount to our operation”


Further evidence of BAS’s commitment to ongoing Pilot training can be seen in the Company’s significant investment to build its very own state of the art High Fidelity – Full Motion Aircraft Simulator.

In essence, the simulator duplicates every aspect of the aircraft including precise cockpit replication; its environment; and in flight realism of the actual aircraft.

The CKAS MotionSim3 Series flight simulator is continually utilised as a complimentary form of training.

This means that BAS’s Pilots can be better trained in both normal and emergency operating procedures that would be unrealistic and unsafe to perform in an actual flight.

The simulator can perform several hundred emergency operating procedures including engine fires and failures; mechanical malfunctions that affect electrical, hydraulic and flight systems. Additionally, other hazards such as extreme weather conditions can be introduced during a full flight simulator session that cannot be exercised in a real aircraft due to safety reasons. 

The benefit of improving a Pilots situational awareness and performance is paramount in any aviation organisation.

BAS’s Aviation Training Instructors are able to control this environment allowing training sessions to be paused in order to highlight issues or repeat exercises, therefore achieving effective teaching outcomes and further skill enhancement for Pilots.

BAS’s Pilots also accumulate invaluable experience by training with the simulator and due to its CASA Accreditation; Pilots can accumulate additional flying hours as well as obtain endorsements.

BAS is the 1st general aviation company in Australia and globally to own and operate a Full Motion Simulator of this type.

This innovative commitment to “Safety Training” has raised the bar in aviation training and has been heralded as a major breakthrough in General Aviation.