Owning our own Engineering Licence (approved and issued by CASA) enables us to independently perform all of our aircraft maintenance requirements in-house.

In mid 2014 BAS built and opened the most sophisticated general aviation engineering facility in the North West of Australia.

We have total control of all our Aircraft Servicing requirements

BAS currently employs 10 full time staff in its Engineering Division.

We have our own fully licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs) who have extensive industry experience and are committed to not only meet, but exceed our quality assurance benchmarks.

Maintenance services include:

  • Aircraft annual, Phase and 100-hour inspections
  • Aircraft tyre and brakes installation
  • Aircraft major & minor damage repair
  • Piston engine work on Continental and Lycoming engines
  • Turbine engine work on Pratt & Whitney PT-6

We welcome you to visit our modern facilities and participate in a “Maintenance Tour” with one of our experienced engineers

"Your safety and peace of mind is our number one priority"