David Foord Avionics

David Foord Avionics is an aviation maintenance company operating in conjunction with Broome Air Services engineering team.

David Foordstarted out with an apprenticeship at LLoyd Aviation in Adelaide in 1984, working on Cessna Citation and Beechcraft Super Kingairs.

He holds LAME licenses for all instrument, electrical and radio groups. He has also been running avionics workshops for more than 25 years.

David employs a different strategy to rectification than others. He treats avionics in much the same way as LAME's treat engines. He is able to carry out a comprehensive maintenance program on an avionics system. This brings the whole system back to a baseline where all the electromechanical parts are in good condition, and all known electronic problems are addressed by replacement with new parts.

The autopilot specialists

David is known throughout Australia as "the autopilot specialist". His ability to quickly identify and rectify autopilot quirks and kinks is legendary. This ability comes from over 20 years of flight testing. Being a pilot too means he really understands cause and effect. He knows how to make "intermittent" problems show up - they are often not intermittent, it just takes the right combination of parameters to make them occur.


  • Cessna 300, 300A
  • Cessna 400, 400A, 400B
  • Cessna Conquest 1000 IFCS
  • Century 1,2,3
  • Century 4
  • Century 21,31,41
  • Century 2000
  • S-Tec 20,30
  • S-Tec 40,50
  • S-Tec 60-1,60-2,60PSS
  • King KAP140,150 KFC225
  • King KFC200 KFC275.325
  • Altimatic III,IIIB,IIIC,V,X
  • Bendix FCS810

For more information on the services that David offers please call BAS on (08) 9194 4300